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Jung is the real deal.

My wife was looking at puppies for the longest time. She came across all these websites teacup pocket posh puppies, boutique puppies, www.poshfairytail.com and more...

And then! after of browsing and browsing on the net! i found Bowpup, and BOY! THANK YOU LORD THAT I DID. I made the best decision i have made in 30 years. I picked my pup at the airport and im not gonna lie i was pretty nervous but after i opened the crate i knew that i have made the best decision and Jung was a man of his words. The dog was more than what he described! he's a beautiful little mini creature gift from HEAVEN.

he's very professional and please readers DISREGARD EVERYTHING THESE HATERS ARE SAYING ABOUT JUNG.

ya'll can decide to believe what you want. i have a youtube channel and instagram with my 4months old Micro black Pom "COCO" he's the best puppy i've purchased in my entire life. he's exactly what was described by him. MY PUPPY WEIGHTS RIGHT NOW LESS THAN 1 POUND.

you should check out his instagram im making for him soon. :)

i dont know what ya'll are trippin or fussin about.

Bow pup is a legitimate business. Jung (the owner) couldn't be any better, seriously! he was so helpful with every step of the way. He made the process of declaring my pup from the custom clearance so easy!

I have nothing but good things to say about JUNG AND BOWPUP. ignore all these idiots on this PAGE.

i hope this helps a lot!


ya'll can hit me up at my youtube page or coco's instagram.


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I hope you feel great about yourself. These puppies are mass bred in Korea where there is no Govt oversight.

The parents live in deplorable conditions. Alin the future, adopt, don't buy.


Where is your Instagram? It doesn't exist. I looked for coco and couldn't find your page.


Wow, you got some nerve. Tell that to the people that he has screwed over.

Before you speak for me get the facts. I have proof even from Jung sending me the wrong puppies. Both came sick...one with mild pheumonia and the other walking dandruff. I have nothing but proof through text.

He claimed english poor. So, I'm happy you got the right puppy but mine where not. To those that can't resist there cuteness..overlook it and buy somewhere we you can see the parents. Even my papers where forged and puppies where not the age that was promised.

He lies and cheats...buyer beware please save yourself the grief. I will conclude, yes my puppies are cute but not at the cost of what they went through to get here. Jung is a broker don't be fooled.

In addition one pup has his dewclaws that just dangle and eventually will need to be removed after he gets over his inflamed lungs.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1142608

That's a bs lie if I ever heard one but to each it's own. Guess you got lucky!

My experience and others was not quite the same.

He is a liar and common thief. Tara.nicolle see more information on my instagram WITH PROOF!!!

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